Rejuvenating facial

On the hotel grounds we also have our own beautifully designed "Holistic Wellness Area" where you can get everything from a sweet foot massage to a tension-melting full body massage that lasts over an hour. Our professionally trained masseuses have been blessed with "the hands of angels," as several comments in the guest book attest.

We also offer Reiki, rejuvenating facials with all-natural products, aloe vera hair treatments, body exfoliations, mud packages and more.

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Yoga Shala
Yoga Shala

Daily practices at South America's most stunning Yoga Shala with different teachers and styles.

Free of charge for all of our hostel guests. If you want to join us without staying at Izhcayluma, we´ll ask for a little colaboration.


Izhcayluma is the ideal environment in which to host a wide variety of group retreats, including Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practices. Our harmonious community, at one with nature and spirit, profoundly enhances the ease of success for your retreat experience.