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Rita and Patrick, Belgium

I love this place...

I stayed here for 12 days. I drank for 12 “people” days. I love this place and am leaving because I have to. Otherwise I wouldn’t. Stay here. Love it. I did. Steve, Northampton, England. We stayed here for 6 nights and had time to walk around and compare. This is definitely the best choice. The people are very friendly and the food is really excellent and you get more than you can eat. Not to speak about the fantastic view from here. This more than compensates the 2 km distance from the village.

We will be back!!

Rita and Patrick, Belgium

Anne & Nick, Ireland

There’s nothing to say other than it was absolutely brill!!

There’s nothing to say other than it was absolutely brill!! We planned to stay 2 nights and ended up staying 5. The food was the best we’ve had in South America, so good that we’re even taking Pizza with us !! It’s a shame we can’t take the bed too.

The staff have been so helpful and friendly we are sad to leave.



Thanks for a great time, we’ll be back if we can.



Cheers and love,



Anne & Nick, Ireland



each visit is fantastic and incredibly relaxing

I come back here every three months, as I live in Peru and have to renew my visa. I wouldn’t choose to stay anywhere else as you (the management and staff of Izhcayluma) never have let me down – each visit is fantastic and incredibly relaxing.

This time it was my birthday and the kitchen baked me a cake and all restaurant guest sang for me, totally unexpected and so sweet.

I will be back for sure.

Thanks, Emily

Andrew, New Zealand

Izhcayluma is a brilliant hostel.

This is the first time during our trip where I have felt that I could stay much longer- that I have not stayed long enough.

Not only because Vilcabamba is a wonderful village, but also because Izhcayluma is a brilliant hostel.

Thank you to Hubert, Peter and everyone else who has been so welcoming and helpful, which is literally everyone. I don't normally gush either!

Andrew, New Zealand